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Cardiac Sonographer Blows Whistle: Jabs DEADLY For Young People!

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Heather is a cardiovascular sonographer most of the time, but today she’s also a whistleblower. Heather says she’s seen people, a lot of people, come in two weeks after getting vaccination with serious heart issues and strokes. She says hospitals are in denial. They don’t want to see what is directly in front of them. She says she’s also seen a massive increase in miscarriages and thinks the vaccine has to be the cause. She says that, quote, “It was like I was seeing the same heart over and over again”: The same fluid build-up, the same signs of a heart attack, the same lack of any prior medical history that would explain what was happening, and of course, the same vaccine that was being administered so close to these issues cropping up.

Heather works near a military base, and she says she’s seen a huge surge in service members coming in with blood clotting issues.

And of course, now we see the end result. Her clinic is losing personnel. Clueless execs send out clueless emails, babbling that “Covid is a disease of the unvaccinated” while sick people pile up in their clinic. How many people are dying from this incompetence and this tyrannical push to shove vaccines into the arms of people who don’t need them? We may never know because our hospitals are so corrupt they won’t even honestly check.

Heather joined the show to discuss.

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