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Whether you think it was centrally-planned or not, it’s very clear that COVID has become our elite’s chance for a “great reset”: The chance for them to obliterate every law, every constitutional right, every business, and every institution that stands in the way of their agenda. In their place, we’re getting a new tyranny of “medical emergencies” and executive orders.

Take schools. It’s obvious to everyone paying attention that our public schools are doomed. It will be nothing but critical race theory and health tyranny and transgender propaganda and anti-American trash for years to come. If you’re a parent who cares about his or her children, you have a duty to keep them away from public schools if it’s at all possible.

But the elites know that too. At Harvard last year, they held a conference on the topic of banning homeschooling, in the name of “protecting a child’s right to an education.” The organizer openly said she hated homeschooling because Christians like it.

And of course, if they hate Christian homeschooling, they hate real Christian schools, too. And in Washington state, we’re seeing how far authorities are willing to go to wipe them out.

Kelley Dukubber is a mom and small business owner in Whatcom County, Washington. Her son is in 4th grade at Lynden Christian School which he has attended since preschool.

Well, Lynden isn’t holding classes right now. The County health board has forcibly shut them down, because of a supposed outbreak of Covid-19, and because they say the school isn’t properly following the dictates of Governor Jay Inslee.

Recently, Kelley’s husband called the Whatcom County health director with basic questions, questions that this director was apparently unable to answer. Kelley herself meanwhile called the department, to ask what kinds of tests their school is apparently supposed to administer to avoid getting shut down and found that the school was recommending Covid tests that the CDC itself is planning to retire for creating too many false positives.

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But it gets shadier. According to Kelley, their school had more cases last year with fewer students but was never shut down. It’s only now that the state of Washington is getting gung-ho about shutting them down, and sure enough, to Kelley’s knowledge, their conservative Christian school is the only one that has been targeted in this way.

Kelley Bouma joined the show to discuss.

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