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CNN’s Jim Acosta Blames Trump For A Nation Of Bullies [VIDEO]

Thanks to former President Donald Trump pulling back the curtain on fake news media, outlets like CNN have struggled to keep viewers watching as most know they have been caught pushing liberal agendas before. But still, acting as if they are on the right side of history, CNN’s very own Jim Acosta recently took aim at any person who voted for or backed Trump. Believing that all of America’s problems are due to Trump, not the current president, Joe Biden, Acosta claimed Trump supporters are nothing but bullies and wonders if people who stand with him can “feel the darkness that fills his soul.”


In the video below, Acosta goes off on an entire monologue about Trump and his supporters spreading hate around America. He even used a clip of Trump talking about the Haitian migrant crisis at the Southern border. The former Presidents suggested that many of the illegal immigrants could be infected with aids. Acosta scolds the statement but then adds that Haiti didn’t struggle with an aids crisis. The entire video is full of Acosta blaming patriots and Trump supporters for the problems his own party created. Watch it now. 

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