Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democrats imposed numerous mandates and restrictions that did little to help stop the coronavirus. Still, one of those brilliant plans was to force children to stay home and somehow attend class through a computer screen. Not to mention the Democrats now trying to force schools around the country to introduce critical race theory into their curriculum. But unlike many parents, who are desperate for answers, Paul Martino of Pennsylvania decided to take matters into his own hands, tossing $500,000 to back school board candidates willing not to let COVID-19 hysteria dictate their decision-making.  


A successful venture capitalist, 47-year-old Martino admitted that he saw an opportunity when school board officials repeatedly failed parents. “It was an execution failure. It wasn’t a COVID issue. School administrators were just scared and didn’t attack the challenge. I’m not saying everyone’s gonna be built like a Silicon Valley CEO … but once you work with people like that and an unforeseen challenge comes in front of them, they solve the problem.”

As of today, Martino’s “Back to School PA” campaign has granted 50 local political action committees $10,000 apiece. One of the recipients, Vicki Flannery of Montgomery County Moms for Liberty, said, “We truly see the future of our country is at stake. We’re fighting against indoctrination.”


Montgomery County GOP Chair Elizabeth Preate Havey added that she was excited about the upcoming elections. “I’m hoping we see some victories here that will wake up these Democrats who are used to not being challenged. Are we going to see sweeping victories? I don’t know, but the enthusiasm and quality of the campaigns is something I’ve not seen in many, many years.”

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While conservatives might be thrilled, Colleen Guiney, of the Delaware County Democrats, wasn’t too happy with the large investment by Martino. “Someone with a lot of money decided to sprinkle it around the state of Pennsylvania to begin to build a bench of people … they can in the short term enact anti-science policies. And in the long term disrupt our education system.”

Siding with Guiney, Jonathan Kassa, a Democrat running for reelection on the school board, bashed Martino’s investment, saying it has brought “toxic politics to the local level. What used to be a civil conversation in North Penn is now tilted toward a national swamp.”


But while it appears only Democrats are upset with Martino, he shut them down quickly. “If me writing a check to a concerned parent in Carbon County is leading to toxic national politics, then there’s something much more broken than the writing of that check.”