That little tyrannical ghoul Dr. Fauci is back at it.

I don’t know who still trusts or believes in this guy, but I feel sorry for whomever they are because they’ve got to be really dumb and broken people.


Fauci appeared on CNN to announce to the country that he’s not “sure” if we’ll be able to celebrate Christmas this year or not… It’s just “too early” to tell.

Is this guy nuts? 

I’ll tell you what – last year, in 2020, my family hosted the BIGGEST get-togethers we’ve ever had, and everyone survived just fine.

Like I said before, I can’t believe some people still think this flip-flopping political hack is trustworthy. As it stands now, I’d be comfortable saying that Fauci is the guy who helped unleash this virus on the world, but hey, that’s just me.

And speaking of Fauci and his virus – Mary Katharine Ham – a conservative pundit who also appears on CNN, made probably one of the best observations I’ve seen in a while.

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She points out that just this week, Fauci told a group that he “rejects” the idea that moderate or mild forms of COVID are “okay.”


Think about that for a second… Fauci says it’s not even “acceptable” that we have “mild” or “moderate” cases of COVID…

And here’s where Mary’s brilliant observation comes into play…

Isn’t that what we’re told the vaccine is for?

It’s not “immunity” like Joe Biden told us it was a few months ago… It’s actually made to make the virus milder for people who take the vaccine.

They say if you’re vaccinated and get the virus, you’ll have a “mild” or “moderate” case, and that’s a sign that the vaccine is working….right?

That’s what they say…but now, according to Fauci, that’s not “acceptable” standards?


Do you see how off the wall and non-science-like this man truly is?


Here’s what Mary Katharine Ham said: “He said at an Atlantic event this week that he rejects the idea that even moderate or mild COVID infection is okay when that’s exactly what we’re told is the purpose of vax (as opposed to preventing transmission entirely). His philosophy is not compatible with a free society.”

It really is such a brilliant and straightforward point that Mary Katharine Ham makes here.

How can Fauci, who is feverishly promoting the vaccine, say he doesn’t “accept” mild or moderate COVID cases as an option when that’s what the vaccine he’s feverishly promoting offers?


I will tell you what, this guy talks in such circles at this point, and it’s all so completely political that he doesn’t even know what the hell he’s saying or which way he’s going.

None of what he or any of these “government officials” say has anything to do with “science” — buy it has everything to do with power and mail-in ballots.

This piece originally appeared in and is used with permission.

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