New York City cops, firefighters, and first responders took to the streets on Monday for a massive protest against vaccine mandates.

Democratic Mayor de Blasio announced last week that all municipal workers are required to be vaccinated with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by this Friday, and they are eligible to receive a $500 bonus for receiving their first shot.


The Daily Caller reported that hundreds of these workers fought back by marching in this protest today.

“Today is the day in which we, the workers of this great city, stand up to these unreasonable mandates. We, the workers, are the foundation on which this city stands, and without that foundation, we’ll crumble,” one protester said as others shouted, “Hold the line!”

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A “Let’s Go Brandon” chant even broke out among the protesters at one point.

“Now, [after] working after countless of emergencies — Hurricane Sandy, the snowstorms … I am under threat. We are under threat of losing our livelihood for simply retaining the choice of protecting our bodies,” firefighter Sofia Medina told The New York Post. “Why now are we being bribed and coerced to take a medication. … We are not now nor have ever been a public health threat.”


“Leave us alone and let us work,” she added of de Blasio. “Get out of the way for those of us who want to work and show up on time.”

“Mayor de Blasio wants to paint us as immoral, unsafe, and a danger to the public. To the citizens of the city, we want to continue protecting you,” someone wearing an FDNY shirt stated.

“Thousands of good cops and city municipal workers stand to lose their jobs,” a livid police officer said. “Are the good people of New York City confident adequate people will fill those positions? I’m frightened of what comes next? Under the authority of Mayor de Blasio, what will be the next order for the NYPD?”

One cop addressed the city’s police force addressed NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea, who has supported vaccine mandates.

“To Police Commissioner Shea: We have always been prepared to lay down our lives in defense of ours, will you run to our aid or stand idly by?” said a male cop.

Americans everywhere are being forced to get vaccinated and being threatened with their jobs if they refuse to comply with leftwing mandates. We applaud these cops, firefighters, and first responders for fighting back.