This is a subject that is not being talked about nearly enough.

It could be argued that any person, politician, government, business, etc., should be open to both criminal and civil liability for pushing, forcing, coercing, threatening, etc.


Texas State Senator Bob Hall raises the issue of how nobody apart from the individual forced to take these experimental so-called vaccines is responsible for any adverse reactions.



“The problem we have right now is in America, all the way around, is that several years ago, the pharmaceutical companies came to the government and said, unless you do something about the problems we’re having with this thing we’re doing that has a lot of adverse reactions, we’re going to quit making the vaccines. So the government stepped in and created an immunity. Right now, pharmaceutical companies have total immunity for vaccines. They are not responsible for any adverse reactions or death from the vaccines. You get a vaccine, and you’re on your own. And so that’s one of the things we’re faced with here is this bold, self-righteous requirement that to protect people and require the vaccine, but no one is recognizing who’s going to be responsible for the adverse reactions. And there are adverse reactions. I have a report in Medicare, out of Medicare, which is a very accurate report that shows we’re having significant reactions and numbers of deaths. And so until somebody says, they’re going to be responsible, all we’re doing is shoveling back off on the worker, that if they get the vaccine and have an adverse reaction, they’ve got to take care of it themselves. So for those that are advocating that this is the right thing to do, somebody is going to have to step up and say, who’s going to be responsible for it? And Mr. Chairman, that’s one of the main things that’s missing from this whole thing is it’s all dumped on the individual that is being forced to take this medical procedure, experimental medical procedure that is far from perfect, well documented, far from perfect, in which we have had thousands of people die, and 1000s of people end up in the hospital, but they are responsible for it, not the employer, not the government, not the manufacturer, who’s putting it out. And until we get that solved, Mr. Chairman, I don’t think there is any way we could ever allow a mandate in any form that would require someone that has to feed their family to have to take that risk themselves. And I think you would probably agree with me that someone ought to be accepting that risk is probably not something you’ve even thought about. And I think those businesses in the hospitals, in particular, they’re so adamant about forcing people to take a vaccine should be stepping up and to say, take that vaccine, and I’ll be responsible for you after you’ve done it, but not one of them have done that, yet.” – Sen. Bob Hall, (R) Texas State Senate


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He makes some valid points.

As hard as they push these experimental jabs, they sound as if they’re very confident in how they work, right?

A wise man once said, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

Until the people pushing these experimental jabs take on some responsibility for whatever their outcome is, nobody should have to take them, regardless of their reasons for not wanting to.