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COVID Testing Of Healthy People Is Driving Tyranny Forward – Dr. Andrew Kaufman

The PCR tests used to test for COVID 19 have been reported to be inaccurate since very early on in the so-called pandemic.

Big Media has been using this allegedly inaccurate data and overinflated case numbers to instill fear into the public psyche.


That fear has been based upon lies.

The truth is that most of the population has a better than 99% chance of surviving COVID if they ever even get infected with it.

So far, over 216,000,000 people have recovered from the Chinese virus, according to WorldOMeter [2], but the talking heads of Big Media rarely talk about that.

Do they not bring it up because it would reduce people’s fears?

They constantly ran death and case counters across the TV screens of millions of Americans but not a counter of recoveries.


FACT: People who live in fear are easier to control.



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“I want to be very clear about this message. The one thing that everyone can do is to refuse testing. And this is because testing is the primary tool that is being used to create artificial cases of a disease which characterize healthy people. And the number of cases that are found by this meaningless test in healthy people is the main reason that the government is using to shut us down and take away our freedoms. And if you submit for any reason, to this test, you are driving that tyranny forward.” – Dr. Andrew Kaufman


If we, as a people, refuse to get tested, especially when we show no symptoms, they wouldn’t get near as many faulty test results to use to instill fear on those who are still not hip to the con.

If people are less fearful, they’re much more likely to resist all the tyrannical moves implemented by power-hungry politicians.

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