Science that can’t be questioned isn’t science at all. It’s propaganda.

The actual science and data are making it very clear that something is wrong with the official narratives being spewed by the bought and paid for propaganda news outlets.


They’ll regularly repeat key phrases such as “Pandemic of the unvaccinated,” “Follow the science,” and “Trust the experts.” Still, they rarely ever show any of the growing numbers of scientists, experts, doctors, healthcare workers, and data that flies in the face of the narratives that help facilitate massive profits for Big Pharma.

Dr. Peter McCullough is but one of those people Big Pharma, in conjunction with Big Media and Big Tech attempted to silence and censor.



What happened? Well, we now know that this early safety warning in this peer-review publication from Jessica Rose clearly failed. Look how high those mortality numbers were by April. It clearly failed. We had Americans dying after vaccination. It was obvious. This is an obvious data signal. This is obvious. All experts agree it’s obvious. Now, as of September 24th, it’s raced up to 15,937 Americans have died. Over 250,000 Americans, after the vaccine, have been hospitalized, gone to the urgent care or office visits. You can see the temporal relationship on the bottom bar graph. You can see that sharp spike upwards. Sadly, we have over 20,000 Americans that the CDC tells us are permanently disabled after the vaccine. That’s bigger than some major Cancer groups. That’s bigger than some major Cancer groups. The disability that we are going to see due to these vaccines will go down in history as an unbelievable atrocity. I made a presentation to The Heritage Foundation in Washington that provides a lot of oversight to the House and the Senate, as well as the agencies, and I made this presentation. You could hear a pin drop when I was done, pin drop. And finally, one of the former presidents of the American Medical Association said, Dr. McCullough, we have the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history with a medicinal product, and we’ve had two administrations buy into it. We’ve had all the houses of legislation buy into it. We have the entire medical established buy into it and the whole media and no one knows how to stop it. No one knows how to stop this freight train, and we’re all witnessing it right now.” – Dr. Peter McCullough

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I believe that we have a duty to bring and amplify the credible voices that have been silenced to you in order for you to be informed of more than just the official narratives.

As I stated above, Dr. Peter McCullough is one of those voices.

Together with you, our readers, along with many other free speech outlets and platforms, we can all help spread the voices of truth to the masses, and it seems that it’s working based upon some of the comments online…

“Many doctors at most hospitals are going against their Hippocratic Oath, by doing harm against patients to a point bordering on homicide.”

“I believe people will hunt down these Doctors and nurses, officials, religious, etc., and put an end to them literally. For what they are doing knowing it’s wrong and for the money.”

“Fauci’s arrest would be a good first step… followed swiftly by Gates and every head of the medical bodies across the world. Including the CDC and the WHO. I reckon that may start to put the breaks on.”

“What kind of Drs. Exist in this Country that knowingly are killing people? What do you say when you get home to your family? Honey, guess how many people I killed today? Who the hell is ever going to trust another DOCTOR??? I’LL DIE AT HOME BEFORE I GO TO A HOSPITAL.”

“Such a brave Dr speaking the truth… he is doing all he can to bring this truth to light…”

“This is the time the people of the world all just stop everything. Stay off the roads, out of supermarkets, don’t go to work, buy petrol or participate in any way. Let’s cripple them where it hurts, financially…When we stop paying for our own destruction, the governments of the world will start paying attention. Don’t feed the sharks. One month and it’s over.”

“The government is committing a CRIME against humanity!”


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