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Creepy Uncle Joe Is Back, Maskless For ‘Hands On’ Visit To Daycare Center [VIDEOS]

Although there are more than enough problems America is facing to keep President Joe Biden busy for more than one term in the White House, he still finds time to go out and promote his agenda. Biden has been known to stop and talk with voters on some rare occasions, but that has drastically stopped as he avoids both America and the press at all cost.

But on Friday, while pushing his Build Back Better agenda in Hartford, Connecticut, President Biden again broke from his routine to visit some toddlers at a child care center. And although Biden is a grandfather himself, he appeared awkward and almost oblivious on what to do. 


In the video below, President Biden walks onto the playground as toddlers quickly gather around to see who it is. Biden, who is advocating for toddlers to wear masks, decided to take his mask off just before greeting the children. Then, in true Biden fashion, he appeared to fall back into his “handsy” ways by hugging a child. But the cringe-worthy moment doesn’t stop there as Biden goes on to sniff the child, most likely trying to absorb some of his youthfulness. 

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While Biden spent the afternoon with humans who can’t vote or speak, protesters gathered around the area to voice their opinion.