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We were told we needed mass vaccination to finally bring about herd immunity against coronavirus. So, how is that going?

Well, in Israel, despite almost universal vaccination, their third wave of Covid was their worst one yet. In the U.K., despite deploying vaccines early and jabbing almost everyone, they’re averaging more than forty-five thousand cases a day. In America, New York is one of the most tyrannical vaccine states, and it has more new cases per day than any state.

So, how about that herd immunity?

Vincent James is the founder of, and he produces the Daily Veracity show. He’s been closely tracking vaccination rates versus Covid death rates, and he says the data bears out a disturbing trend: The vaccine may make people less able to develop a fully robust immunity against Covid-19. And thanks to that, death rates among the “fully vaccinated” are rising.

Vincent James joined the show to discuss.

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