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DoD Documents: Over 70% “COVID” Hospitalizations are “Fully Vaccinated” Over 65

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Jessica Berg Wilson didn’t want to get vaccinated. She was a thin, healthy 37-year-old not facing any imminent threat from coronavirus. But she finally acquiesced to the jab because she wanted to be a “room mom” at her daughter’s school.

Now, Jessica Berg Wilson is dead. The vaccine killed her. She suffered something called, and I apologize in advance for this pronunciation, Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia. That’s a disease where blood clots form uncontrollably throughout a person’s body. That’s a known side effect from the shots being falsely referred to as a “COVID vaccine”, it’s well-documented, that’s fact and not even the propagandists at Fox News or CNN can deny it. Lead Stories, Right Wing Watch, USA Today and Newsweek will try to minimize a disease that results in the horrific blood clot-forming disease caused by these shots, because they hate you, they hate your freedom, they’re scared of your faith and your liberty is offensive to them. They’re communists.

Keep in mind, there is no dispute over the cause of Wilson’s death. This isn’t her family arguing with doctors. Everybody knows what killed Jessica. But when the death was announced online, Twitter flagged the post for “misinformation.” Why? Because that’s the panic our petty tyrants are in. As more and more people become aware of the problems with these injections, and their dangerous and possibly deadly side effects, they are just getting more tyrannical. Instead of embracing honesty, they want total control. Nope, no problems with the vaccine. No side effects. It works perfectly and you have to take it. Ignore all the people getting sick from it. Ignore all the breakthrough cases. Shut up and obey.

Thomas Renz is an attorney in Ohio. Last Friday, he announced his discovery of several files that were compiled by the Department of Defense. These documents show what you’d expect. They show that of those over 65 years old who have been hospitalized with Covid-19, 60 percent of them were fully vaccinated. Remember, that’s fully vaccinated. If they’d only had one dose, then stopped because of a bad reaction, or if they received two doses but less than 14 days had passed, then they don’t count in that 60 percent.

By the way, we checked the source of these documents ourselves, and there are updated more recent numbers where the figure is even higher, and previously vaccinated people are more than seventy percent of Covid cases for those over 65.

These same DOD documents reveal that a prior Covid-19 infection provides much better protection against a breakthrough case and in particular a breakthrough hospitalization than a vaccine does. In other words, natural herd immunity is more robust than the vaccines.

Attorney Renz joined the show to discuss.

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