After a full weekend of chaos for Southwest Airlines, Dr. Jane Ruby sat down with our very own Stew Peters to drop the bombshell that Delta Airlines is allegedly covering up the fact that a fully vaccinated pilot died mid-flight in the past few weeks, forcing an emergency landing to take place.

This comes as various airlines including Delta and Southwest are mandating that their pilots and other employees get vaccinated against COVID-19, whether they want to or not.


“Let me just share with you a breaking story that I’ve had corroborated now from three separate whistleblowers, directly related to Delta Airlines,” Ruby began.

“A pilot died in flight within the last, I’d say 10 days, according to these sources,” she added. “The co-pilot told the flight attendant that the captain was speaking normally one moment, then said a few weird things, and then died. The flight had to make an emergency landing. We are now learning this is an LAX-based captain and they did land the plane safely, I’m not sure what they told the passengers on board.”

“The copilot also shared with the flight attendant, who was one of the three whistleblowers, that the pilot who died had told the copilot that he had just several days prior completed his second shot in this series,” Dr. Ruby continued.

Dr. Ruby went on to say that this is all part of a bigger coverup by airlines to hide the devastating impacts that COVID-19 vaccines are having on pilots, putting the lives of passengers at risk.


“This is what’s going on right now in your skies,” she warned. “Flights are diverted for pilots with chest pains…A recent flight was diverted for a 30-year-old vaxxed male passenger who had chest pains and an inability to breathe.”

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“A Seattle-based pilot was found dead on his floor at home from an embolism,” Dr. Ruby added. “Pilots and flight attendants right now in droves…are not returning to active duty after the shot of various unspecified adverse reactions. Two Atlanta-based flight attendants were found dead at home a few days after the second shot. And seven Atlanta-based flight attendants have had breakthrough infections, which is not a surprise to us.”

“Another Salt Lake City flight attendant base manager died after his second J and J shot,” she said. “He was personal supervisor to a number of flight attendants and was a total gym rat, 47 years old, in perfect health. So, guys, there’s a lot going on in the skies. There’s a lot of risk right now.”


Are the airlines hiding the truth about the dangers of these vaccines?  In doing so, they would not only be endangering the lives of their employees, but also the lives of their passengers.

Find out more about what is happening here by watching Dr. Ruby’s full interview.