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Dr. Peter McCullough: Ivermectin, Early Treatment & What To Do If Your Doctor Refuses [VIDEOS]

Dr. Peter McCullough is a world-renowned expert when it comes to the early treatment of COVID-19.

In the first video below, he talks about monoclonal antibodies, who has taken them, and what to do if your doctor refuses to treat you with them.



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“In high-risk people, typically seniors over 65, within the first few days, there is a 50% reduction off the bat with hospitalization. If you don’t get hospitalized, you’re not going to go on to die. And you know, that’s just what the monoclonal antibodies. And America saw Former President Trump received them. Governor Abbott, a vaccine breakthrough case, he received them recently podcaster Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan got them. Dan Ball had me on Real America, said what do you think about Joe Rogan? I said Joe Rogan got the treatment that I drew up for America. He got diagnosed properly, he got monoclonal antibodies, moved into ivermectin, corticosteroids, received the other drugs in sequence. And for Joe Rogan, a big guy, and the virus preys on big guys like that, you know, big men actually can get slaughtered by the virus. Joe Rogan took a two to four week illness and made it a three-day affair. That should be the standard for Americans, United States, anybody listening to this, let’s not have another senior citizen sit at home and be told there’s no treatment. Let’s get activated. Everybody needs to know where these monoclonal antibodies infusions are. Download the protocols that we’re going to go over. You can get them from the Truth or Health Foundation, American Frontline Doctors, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. These are the most widely used protocols in the United States, and call your doctor and say, Doctor, are you willing to treat me if I get COVID-19? I’m coming up with an action plan. If he says no, I don’t treat COVID, or there’s no treatment, say ask for a referral. If you can’t do it, find me a real Doctor who can.” – Dr. Peter McCullough


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Dr. Peter McCullough: Clinical Rationale For Early Ambulatory Treatment of COVID-19 Webinar



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