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We have been desperately fighting through censorship and propaganda, battling a decades-long propagandist media that has lulled people to sleep, giving millions of unsuspecting people a false belief that their so-called “news” channel is truthful, and we’ve been talking with experts, doctors, scientists, pharmaceutical whistleblowers, patients, victims, nurses and even the inventor of the technology inside of these death shots. We won’t stop.

We will, however, pause. We want to switch our focus to TREATMENT. Dr. Zev Zelenko is famously known for saving thousands of lives, including 99.9% of his HIGH-RISK Covid patients in upstate New York. Zelenko is a Nobel Prize nominee, as well as the recipient of the nomination for the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dr. Zelenko believes in early treatment protocol, and that’s how he saved lives. The globalists have attempted to silence him, he’s been censored, de-platformed and even threatened for his humanitarian efforts to save lives, but he has not stopped. I admire that.

Dr. Zelenko has formulated the ZStack, which he refers to as the “COVID Killer”. Zelenko has previously appeared on this program to describe how Zinc is the bullet that kills COVID, Quercitin is the gun that shoots the zinc, and how Vitamins C and D3 combined with the other ingredients in his formula keep people healthy and safe from this engineered virus, shedding, and even from the ticking time bomb that Zelenko says doesn’t need to detonate. That’s referring to people who may have already been inoculated.

We’ve been making people aware of the ZStack, and now Dr. Zelenko is joining us because he’s making this formula available for kids.

Z-Stack Protocol Info

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