During his show on Thursday, our very own Stew Peters exposed the fact that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is essentially threatening elderly voters and playing them for cash.

Peters kicked off this segment by quoting a GOP fundraiser that was sent out this week by the National Republican Congressional Committee, which McCarthy runs.


“You’re a traitor. You abandoned Trump,” the fundraiser stated. “We were told you were a tried and true, lifelong patriot. But when Trump said he’d run for President if we took back the House from Nancy Pelosi, you did nothing. Was Trump wrong about you? This is your final chance to prove your loyalty or be branded a deserter. We’re giving you one final chance to stand with Trump. You only have 17 minutes.”

Peters added that when users click the link, they are taken to an NRCC page that states, “your Trump Patriot status is incomplete. Check this box to confirm your Trump Patriot Status and prove you’re a true patriot. Uncheck this box, and we’ll tell Trump you abandoned him.”

“What the hell is this garbage,” a furious Peters said. “I don’t even care if this crap works, you don’t lie and manipulate your own supporters like that. Find the person who approved these text messages and fire him, period. And in the meantime, here’s an idea along with auditing our elections. Maybe it’s time that we audited Kevin McCarthy and the GOP to find out exactly where all of this money they raise is going.”

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Peters then at down with Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer, who agreed that what McCarthy is doing is “disgusting.”

“It’s almost like Kevin McCarthy is looking at himself in the mirror while writing these messages,” Loomer said. “If anybody is a traitor, and if anybody’s Trump status to prove themselves whether or not they’re a loyal Trump supporter is expiring, it’s Kevin McCarthy, who by the way, condemned President Trump and the entire GOP pro-Trump base on January 6, when he gave a press conference and condemned the actions of peaceful protesters who were standing up against election fraud and the theft of our elections by calling it mob violence.”

Loomer went on to say that despite the fact that she was a Trump-endorsed candidate running for Congress in Florida last year, she didn’t get a penny from McCarthy’s NRCC.

“I was good enough for President Trump, but I wasn’t good enough for Kevin McCarthy,” Loomer lamented. “In March of this year. President Trump sent cease and desist letters to the NRCC, the NRSC, and the RNC, asking them and demanding that they stop using his image, his name, and his likeness to fundraise and in their emails. So they disregarded that. They’re disregarding a cease and desist letter from Donald Trump.”


“So while Kevin McCarthy wants people to thank him and praise Him, you know, as a leader of the party, he completely disregards the fact that Donald J. Trump is the true leader of the Republican Party, not Kevin McCarthy, not Ronna Romney, not Mitch McConnell, okay, they’re just violating a cease and desist order to raise money for themselves and to further enrich themselves,” she continued.

McCarthy is exactly the kind of establishment Republican that we as a party need to remove from Congress. Find out more about just how corrupt he is by checking out Peters’ full segment on this here.