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‘F*** Joe Biden’ Chant At NASCAR Race, NBC Hack Tries To Run Cover For Biden Regime

As ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants break out all over the country at large gatherings like golf tournaments, concerts, college football, and even the Congressional baseball game, it’s incredible that anyone still thinks that Sleepy Joe really received 81 million votes.

Now the popular chant has reached NASCAR’s Talladega Superspeedway.


Driver Brandon Brown won the Xfinity race on Saturday that was shortened by darkness.

Shortly after his victory, he was interviewed by an NBC Sports reporter.

Watch how it went down…

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Brandon Brown: Thank you to all of our partners. Oh my God, it’s just such an unbelievable moment.

NASCAR Crowd: F*** Joe Biden, F*** Joe Biden. F*** Joe Biden.

NBC Hack: Brandon, you also told me as you can hear the chants from the crowd. “Let’s go, Brandon.” Brandon, you told me you were gonna kind of hang back those first two stages and just watch and learn. What did you learn that helped you there and those closing laps.

Brandon Brown: Oh my God, it was learning how each line didn’t stay to one, and everything shifted top to bottom so much.


Fake News hacks and propagandists will just try and lie right to the faces of their viewers.

That used to work, but now the world is waking up to the fact that these people are just shills of fake narratives and agendas.

Twitter blew up with mockery…