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So you may have heard a couple of days ago about the “Facebook whistleblower.” Her name is Frances Haugen. She testified to the Senate on Tuesday. She said some things that are obviously true and that we all agree with: That Facebook cares about profits over doing the right thing, that it doesn’t care if its products are addictive or if they hurt children, or if they destroy our society.

But of course, since this woman is getting glowing coverage from CNN and The New York Times, you know it’s not that simple. In short, this woman is an op. She’s part of a coordinated effort with the press, with Democrats, and with people inside Facebook itself to make the company commit more censorship. That’s always what the left wants when they make claims about bias, or something threatening “democracy” or “free speech.” To the left, “democracy” just means Chairman Biden getting his way, and “free speech” means the freedom to recite left-wing platitudes.

But for even more about this bogus “whistleblower” we turn to Jason Fyk. He’s a free speech advocate making a legal challenge to Section 230, the law that big tech uses as a shield to enable mass censorship online. He joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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