While it may seem like COVID-19 insanity is out of control in the United States, things are so much worse in Israel.

“That country has full-blown COVID passports. Vaccination is mandatory for all workplaces,” said our very own Stew Peters. “It’s mandatory if you want to take a driver’s test. And soon, getting even non-emergency medical care of any kind will require taking a failed PCR test. And the government is considering imposing higher medical insurance costs for the unvaccinated as well for their supposedly increased risk. So this is a real COVID tyranny. This is a real passport regime.”


Peters then talked to David Schomberg, who said he “lives in the great vaccine prison that is Israel.”

“Fortunately for him, he’s self-employed, so he remains unvaccinated, as are his wife and four children,” Peters said as he introduced him.

“You have a point that the Israelis are very much vaccinated, and the media is giving false information about the vaccines, basically telling the public that the non-vaccinated people are the ones that are actually being sick in the hospitals, the highest percentage,” Schomberg said. “But the truth is that these people are injected twice then, they’ll take the third booster shot so that people that don’t take the third biggest booster shot are considered non-vaccinated people.”


Peters proceeded to play a video showing a fake vaccination taking place on lawmaker Yair Lapid. Schomberg explained that “the needle has nothing inside,” and he then questioned, “if this vaccine is so safe and so effective, why is he actually not taking it and faking it and expecting others to take this vaccine?”

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“I actually think that he’s faking the vaccine because he knows for a fact that this vaccine gives more harm than good,” Schomberg continued.

Schomberg went on to say that many Israelis are getting vaccinated because “the majority” of them “listen to the fake mainstream media that are telling everyone that these vaccines are safe, with close to no side effects.” Despite this, thousands of Israelis have reported side effects that include “heart problems” or even “death.”

“My theory is that they’re trying to depopulate the public,” Schomberg explained. “Bill Gates said that many times, there’s too many human beings on this planet, and he wants to depopulate.”


“Israel never agreed to become a test lab of Pfizer,” he continued. “And that we would like you to to stop this experiment immediately.”

Find out more about what’s happening in Israel by watching this full interview here.