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First-Hand Account: Vaxx Deaths Alarming to Military Barber

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Our next guest, Renee, is a barber. It’s just Renee; she knows as well as you do how dangerous it is to speak in public with your full name. Renee runs a shop just outside a U.S. military base. She’s been cutting servicemen’s hair since 1986, so she’s seen a lot, knows a lot of people. And she says the past year has been a wipeout of her customers like she’s never seen in her life. One of her customers was vaccinated in April. Within a few weeks, he was hospitalized twice. Doctors didn’t understand what was wrong. He died just a few weeks ago. Another customer was ill, and they forced him to get the vaccine before checking into the hospital. He died days later.

Those are just the people Renee has seen die directly. But she knows of many other cases. A friend of a friend got the shot, and since then he’s suffered from blindness. Another man, completely healthy for years, and then right after getting the second shot he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. There’s a woman who got the shot and is now in a wheelchair.

It’s just one thing after another like she’s never seen before. Renee’s clientele is being cut down before her eyes, while military officials and health officials and politicians, and reporters all babble that this is fake news and nothing is happening.

Renee gave an eye-opening and horrific account of death on today’s “Stew Peters Show”.

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