FLORIDA – According to reports, the state of Florida has now officially become the leading state in the country in terms of having the lowest rate of new Covid cases per capita.

And despite the heavy criticism state officials received over the months for how the pandemic was approached – Florida was able to achieve these numbers without the application of restrictive mandates on masks and vaccines.


According to data from the CDC from October 25th, Florida showcased the lowest numbers in the nation regarding new Covid cases per capita.


The state presently has a daily rate of just 60.6 new cases per 100,000 residents, which is far lower than some other blue states. In contrast, New York’s case rate is more than twice that of Florida’s, at 129.8 daily cases per 100,000 residents, while Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware has almost four times as many new daily cases per capita, at 211.1 per 100,000 residents.

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One should take into account that Florida remained open for business for practically the entire duration of the epidemic, and as a result, the state is outpacing the rest of the nation in terms of economic growth, while Democrats continue to suggest imposing lockdowns and vaccine requirements on various businesses around the country.

Yet numerous media outlets over the past year have taken aim at Florida, particularly Governor Ron DeSantis, in hit pieces slamming his approach to Covid.

Governor DeSantis has consistently opposed efforts to impose severe Covid restrictions and mandates on residents of the Sunshine State throughout the pandemic.

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The Florida governor’s opposition to the aforementioned made him an easy target for those looking to make emotional claims regarding advocating for public health measures. When outlets like Vox were drafting up hit pieces against Governor DeSantis’ approach to Covid, outlets like The Guardian stepped in and carried the torch.

There was even a progressive organization named “Remove Ron” that made a horror-movie-style TV commercial that tried to paint the Florida Governor as some horror villain.

The absurd faux film ad portrays DeSantis’ Florida as if it were a sequel to “The Purge,” and includes various recordings of DeSantis stating things like “we trust people to make their own decisions in the state of Florida” as proof that the state has gotten too dangerous to even visit.

In light of the new data, radio personality Clay Travis took to Twitter to comment on the matter:

“Florida now has the lowest covid rate in the continental United States. And they’ve done it without mask or vaccine mandates. This is why Ron Desantis terrifies the coronabros. Because all their shutdowns & mandates, which destroy freedoms, provide no benefits.”