“Florida’s new Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo (Harvard) talking about the forced masking of kids is what every health official in our country should sound like. Red states would be very wise to copy what they’re doing down in Florida because they’re the gold standard in the United States of America” – Robby Starbuck

People who have been following the actual science instead of the bought and paid for science have known this about the forced masking of children for some time.

With that being said, has all this ever actually been about the science, or has it always been about power and control?




“I want you guys to step back for a moment from what you hear sort of constantly on TV and just very briefly in terms of the data that the supports mask use in kids and mandates for masking kids, it is very weak. And that’s a fact. But there’s a substantial gap between the quality of the data out there supporting masking kids, yielding any benefit for kids whatsoever, factual, and what we’re hearing from some of our Public Health Leadership and other states and nationally. In Florida, we’re going to stay close to the data, and we’re going to let you know how we feel about the data. And the data do not support any clinical benefit for children in schools with mask mandates. The highest quality data find no evidence of benefit. And we’re going to stick with that because that’s what the data show. And the other thing I’ll just add is that you know, as a parent, hearing the stories of other parents. What they’re going through and seeing other parents around the country, these are impossible situations, parents being put in. Putting a mask, something on the face of your child, that’s a parent’s decision. It’s not a school decision. It’s not a school board’s decision. It’s not a governor’s decision. It’s no one else’s decision, except for the parent. And parents have been placed in these impossible situations related to the health of their children. I’m here to help support parents in voicing how they feel that their children should sort of present should be in the world. And I’m going to be here to help with that to support that.” – Dr. Joseph Ladapo

“It’s interesting, the US Secretary of Education he did like some tweet thread like I was like a month ago and he’s like, see follow the data on the masking. And he was citing. He cited a few studies. He cited one study from North Carolina which said forced masking of kids works, but it had no control group because that was required in every school. So they just said it worked without comparing it against what if you didn’t do that, and people pointed that out immediately. Then he cited a study from Wisconsin about it, and the researcher who did the study immediately responded to the tweet and said, we found no conclusive evidence on the forced masking and basically said that you should not use my study to do that.” – Ron DeSantis

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They nailed it, and many agree with their sentiments.

Here’s what some are saying online…

“All the masks and vaccine mandates have ZERO, NADA, ZILCH scientific evidence to back them up. They Are ONLY Someone’s Opinion.”

“And that is a COMPETENT CREDIBLE Surgeon General giving facts and truth! Unlike the idiot appointed Vivek Murthy.”

“The government is guilty of child abuse. It’s not about health. It’s about control.”

“thank you, allowing the parents to make that decision, if these educators are afraid, they can wear their masks, and that is their choice, masking kids, especially when no studies substantiate is wrong, get on with educating and not feeding into this rhetoric.”

“This guy is 100% correct as I have looked at the data out there too. He’s telling it like it is!”

“Join the fight, fellow Americans. Say no to vaccine mandates and yes to free choice. No mandate should cost anyone their job, and unless we all fight back, everyone loses. What the price, your freedoms.”

“The whole Corona hoax is like a big panorama Aquarium glass wall, where a tiny, tiny little crack came…now there are more cracks to see, and we all know how this is going to end… Or, a clown, juggling with balls in a circus, when he drops the first ball…all balls are going to fall.. Keep your spines upright, folks, I can see the end of this long tunnel coming… But the bad news is, there’s a new long tunnel insight…Climate change (hoax).”