Our very own Stew Peters has long been a fan of Donald Trump, but one thing that he disagrees with the former president on is the COVID-19 vaccine.

During his show on Wednesday, Peters called out Trump for promoting the COVID-19 vaccines for all despite the fact that they have been shown to be highly questionable in terms of safety. He then sat down with Dr. Paul Alexander, who acted as a senior HHS advisor to Trump during the start of the pandemic.


Since Trump left office, Alexander has diverged from him in a big way. While the former president has been promoting the vaccines like it is his job, Alexander has been pushing back against them.

Alexander began by praising Trump, saying that he “was the greatest president in my lifetime, I would argue going back to Abraham Lincoln. I think what he did for minorities in the country was unbelievable. And I think in a second administration, he would have sealed everything up.”

That being said, Alexander added that he vehemently disagrees with Trump on the vaccines, and he has a plea for him about them that he hopes the former president will heed.

“We have now serious questions about these vaccines,” Alexander explained. “And it is incumbent on President Trump to step back and understand that he was misled with these vaccines.”


“I don’t blame him,” he continued, adding that Trump “was misled by scientific persons, those vaccine developers, in everything that they did. These vaccines are non-sterilizing, they are sub-optimal…They are actually harmful and causing death,”

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That’s why Alexander called on Trump to “step up” and warn the American people about the dangers posed by these vaccines, particularly to children.

“Absolutely no child should be vaccinated with this and I pray that his son and his grandchildren are never vaccinated with these vaccines, they offer no opportunity for benefit, only potential harm,” Alexander said emphatically.

Later in the interview, Alexander said that he would “absolutely” agree that children are at virtually zero risk of dying from COVID-19. He said that if we give children these shots, they will be “dying more of the vaccine, substantially more than what COVID has done.”

“Children should be left alone, completely leave them alone, their natural innate immunity, has already dealt with” COVID-19, Alexander argued.


At the end of the interview, Peters asked Alexander what he would say to Trump if he could talk to him right now. Alexander replied by saying that he would tell Trump that while he still supports him and feels he would have had a great second term, “it is clear that something is not right with this vaccine, the vaccines do not work properly.”

For a lot of people, a lot of people have been harmed, and we should not be going to take a vaccine and walk out of the vaccine clinic with a risk of dying from it. That‘s the problem here,” he continued. “So President Trump, I would like you to at least come to the table immediately, and…put a stop…to these vaccines for the children.” 

I’m pleading with President Trump, at least step up and stop the FDA, stop the CDC from vaccinating children”, Alexander concluded. “His voice will provide us the ammunition that we need to keep fighting…But we need President Trump to help us.”

Find out more about what Alexander wants Trump to do by watching his full interview here.