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So some left-wing news site claims that I “threatened” health care workers when I said that, if police or health bureaucrats or anybody else comes to my front door and tries to force shots into my body without my consent, they’ll get a shot of their own. Apparently, promising to defend myself, in my own home, is a threat now. Shows a lot about how the left thinks. Your body isn’t your own, your home isn’t your own, they’re both just on loan from the all-powerful government which can seize them whenever it likes.

Of course, the fact that the article exists is also pretty funny. I guess it’s supposed to be a hit piece? “Right-Wing Man Vows To Defend Himself If Attacked.” Great hit piece, guys.

Still, this shows the stakes we live in. On the one hand, we have health tyrants who are fanatical about forcing everyone they can to get the vaccine. Sick people, healthy people, old people, children, thin people, fats. And on the other hand, we know people are dying from a vaccine they absolutely don’t need. Even health authorities are admitting that Washington mother Jessica Berg Wilson was killed directly by the vaccine when it caused uncontrollable blood clots in her body. She didn’t need the vaccine. She didn’t want the vaccine. She was pressured into getting it by the lure of a normal life, and the promise she could help in her daughter’s school. Now her daughter will grow up without a mom.

But the pressure is relentless, and sadly every day thousands of more people are compelled to submit.

Amanda is a military wife. Thanks to President Biden’s dictatorial vaccine order, her husband was forced to submit to the jab. Now, she claims they’ve seen all kinds of bizarre medical developments on him. Almost immediately after getting the vaccine, they performed a metallic clay bath on him and put him through a detox regimen. Now, they think they’ve found tiny metallic strings coming out of his body. They have a video which they believe shows one of those strings trying to wriggle out of tweezers back into his body. They also sent us photos of his blood cells, which allegedly show substantial damage.

That all sounds pretty remarkable to say the least, so we definitely wanted to talk to Amanda to learn more. She joined the show to discuss.

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