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Human Trafficking Operation Yields 115 Arrests in Texas

TARRANT COUNTY, TX – A multi-agency human trafficking investigation has resulted in 115 arrests, police said [1].

In operation “Buyer Beware,” police focused on “slowing down sex trafficking,” bringing “awareness to human trafficking,” and bringing to light the new law making it a felony to solicit a prostitute rather than a misdemeanor. The law took effect September 1 of this year.


The operation consisted of investigator posing online, as children in some cases, to catch suspects’ attention.

Suspects arrested were all males, ranging in age from their 20’s to their 70’s, and, according to Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, were from “all walks of life.”
Mugshots can be viewed by clicking HERE [3].

Hank Sibley, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said that the agency is attempting to dismantle the sex trafficking industry, therefore removing the demand for victims.
“One of the main reasons that the cartels are involved in smuggling people across the border of Texas,” Sibley said, “into Texas and other parts of the United States is to fuel the sex trafficking industry.”
According to Sibley, there are several other agencies across the state working on similar operations.
Cartels have been profiting off of the sale of humans into sex or slave trade operations. The US has admitted that it’s received and lost track of about 45,000 immigrant children [5] who now could potentially have created thousands of trafficking victims.
A lawsuit was filed [6] against Joe Biden Thursday by Missouri and Texas Attorneys General to ask the courts to force Biden to resume border wall construction.