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“INSURRECTION”: The Jan 6 Footage Pelosi Does NOT Want You to See

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The Democratic Party is desperate to enshrine January 6 as some kind of “attack on America” on par with Pearl Harbor or 9/11. It’s an absurd lie. Actually, wait, it’s not. It’s just the attack on America goes the other way. The Biden junta has used January 6 as an excuse to launch a nationwide manhunt and arrest dozens of people. They’ve arrested people who walked unarmed around the Capitol hallways and accused them of “insurrection.” They’ve held people for months on end, sometimes in solitary, and hit them with grossly inflated charges. They’ve smeared patriots as violent cop killers all based on a lie.

But despite the press’s best efforts, the pushback is happening and the truth will come out. David Sumrall founded StopHate.com [2], and he’s created a new documentary called “Righting History” to debunk the left’s “insurrection” lies. David Sumrall joined the show to discuss.

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