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Like thousands of other Patriots and America firsters, Couy Griffin went to Washington D.C. in January to support his president. He attended the rally on January 6 and he marched to the capitol. But says he didn’t go inside. He was with a bus tour. He walked up onto the steps. He used a megaphone to pray for people there. He never pushed down any barricades and nobody ever told him to leave. That was it. Walk up, pray on the steps, leave.

So imagine Couy’s surprise when he returns to his hotel in Roanoke, Virginia, turns on the TV, and finds that spineless wretch Judge Jeanine Pirro calling Trump supporters terrorists and saying they murdered a police officer. That’s a claim that every news outlet repeated for weeks on end, by the way, that turns out to be completely false.

Anyway, two weeks later, Couy went back to Washington to check out the inauguration. When he showed up, the FBI arrested, and charged him “knowingly entering an unauthorized zone, with the willful intent to disrupt certification of the election.” None of that was true, but they threw Couy into jail for three weeks. For perspective, in Chicago they just let a bunch of gangbangers go free after a shooting without charges because they say it was “mutual combat.” Just so you understand the country you’re living in.

Anyway, they shipped Couy to jail with all the other political prisoners. They wouldn’t let him take a shower. They wouldn’t let him have company. He says they wouldn’t even let him make a phone call to an attorney for ten days. He says the prison guards assigned to them were Burn Loot Murder supporters who saw all Trump supporters as racist and treated them accordingly. According to Couy, they called him the “F*cking white cracker” for his whole stay.

Couy Griffin is finally out of jail, and now he’s determined to advocate for all the political prisoners of the Biden regime. Griffin joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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