About a week ago on the Stew Peters show, Trump-endorsed Joe Kent, Congressional candidate from Washington State’s third district, came on as a guest to talk about the plight of the RINOs in politics.

It was unknown to Stew at the time that Kent is one of them.

Of course, people have the right to change over time. It happens. But Kent was registered (in a different state from where he’s running, mind you) as a Democrat as late as November of 2020.


When asked at an event, his team announced that he had been trying to “infiltrate” the Democrat party by voting for a weak Democratic candidate.

First, that’s stupid and exactly the kinds of games that gets us into trouble. Second, it’s crap, because there’s no way he could think that one man voting for a “weak” Democrat could really make that much of a difference. I find it hard to believe that a pretty smart guy, former green beret, former CIA, would think that’s a good tactic.

Speaking of his past life heroics, Kent attended an event in a small city called Washougal this week where patriots gathered to support a physician’s assistant who recently had his medical license suspended (for refusing to play into this COVID-19 narrative- no need to elaborate on that here, I’m sure). During the event, there was a reported “active shooter” on the loose (it turned out the firearm had only been brandished, not fired).

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Kent was seen my many people to be standing as far away from the incident as possible, as women and children huddled in a side parking lot to keep safe (to include the other Third Congressional candidate, Heidi St. John, who was seen holding four children close that weren’t hers all around her). Meanwhile, the owners and workers at a local gun shop just a few blocks away walked over to make sure everyone was safe.

We’d really like to give Kent the benefit of the doubt as a war hero and say he wasn’t aware of the incident and that’s why he didn’t rush in to help evacuate some of those children. Who knows.

Image Credit: Multnomah County Voter Registration

Back to his voter status. Less than one year ago, he was a registered Dem in Oregon, which, for those geographically challenged, is not the same as Washington. Yet he’s vying to represent the people who are actually from Washington State? He’s barely lived in Washington State, let alone the Third District, long enough to remember his new address, much less run for Congress.

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Ok, so he’s a carpetbagger. Not the first time it’s happened and certainly won’t be the last. But that’s not all.


Following the interview, Kent’s people called Stew and asked him to publish a clarification statement on behalf of the campaign as Kent said he could not see footage on the screen at the time he was making comments. Peters published the clarification via social media.

Why? Because he didn’t want to offend someone that Stew called out as a RINO.

Wait, what? Here’s JK saying that he is super dedicated to weeding out the people who falsely claim to be staunch, America First Republicans, but then he’s asking to cut part of an interview because someone could get their feelings hurt?

But wait. There’s more.

Image Credit: Truth Finder

We did some digging, and it turns out that Kent’s campaign isn’t as community oriented as he claims. One local printing shop in Battle Ground, Washington (Clark County) is out hundreds of dollars because of a “miscommunication” with the team.

We spoke with the owners of the shop, who want to remain anonymous to ensure there’s no retaliation against their business.

The business owners first dealt with a woman who was Kent’s campaign manager in the beginning (and also his live-in girlfriend), and they said she was nice enough. But then the campaign grew (thanks to Trump’s endorsement) and DC fireball Matt Braynard got involved.

Matt Braynard, who was fired as Donald Trump’s director of data and strategy after only five months, was apparently hired with we-don’t-know-whose-money for some position on Kent’s campaign team. He called the shop to pick up where Kent’s girlfriend left off in ordering letterheads and envelopes. The business received a message from Braynard, quite a rude one from what they said, saying, “I’ve been trying to get ahold of you! There’s never any answer there- we aren’t paying you for this stuff.”


The business owners called him back and said this was the first time they’d heard from him. After he calmed down a little, he said he wanted something done in a day and a half- something that takes more than a day and a half to put together. The business owners told him that they thought he should find a different business to work with because that’s not how their shop worked.

Braynard rudely ended the call and never called back. The owners said they had since seen two other people known to be from his campaign come into the shop. “I told both of them that I had these products and I would like to get them to him (and be paid), and they said they would tell the rest of the team about it.

“We ended up having to shred them because it had been so long, and we’re out something like $500 now. That’s a lot for a small, locally-owned business.”

The owners are kind, small-town business people and were hesitant to say anything negative about customers. But, they also said they’re wanting to stand up against candidates that look and act charming on the outside but aren’t really “for the people” on the inside.

“I get it that there was a turnover with the new guy coming on,” the business owner said, “and I’m not sure where the ball dropped on the communication. But when he brought in the new campaign manager or whatever that Braynard guy is, the typical DC attitude came with him, and the personal touch was lost. That’s not how we do things in our homey Clark County.”


“I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy,” the owners continued, “but bringing people from DC who don’t know what it’s like to have the smaller community life isn’t going to help him out. That guy [Braynard] was rude and abrasive, and having him working with him says a lot about Joe’s priorities.”

His invoice has still not been paid.

We get it. He’s a military hero. He lost his wife in war. We appreciate his service to our country and we mourn for the loss of his wife with all our other heroes who died in combat. Trump endorsed him, which looks good on the surface, but as we’ve shown in recent weeks with Georgia’s hopeful candidate Vernon Jones, Trump doesn’t always get it right.

Thank you for your service. We are sorry for your loss. But that doesn’t mean you should be in Congress.

Note: We reached out to Joe Kent’s team for comment and did not receive a response.