While the “F Joe Biden” chant was a tidal wave that crashed upon the nation, “Let’s Go Brandon” is feeling like a tsunami that’s flooding the land, from coast to coast.

In a good way.

I love the “Let’s Go Brandon” (LGB) chant.


I think the F-bomb was fine, too. I get it. People are really, really fed-up, but it’s great to have an alternative that means the same thing, but kids and people who don’t swear can participate and have some fun.

After all, if we can’t laugh and have fun while we fight and battle for the soul of this country, we’ll turn into bitter, hateful liberals, and nobody wants that.

I saw this tweet on this very subject today, and it really resonated with me:


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“They’re not really mad that you said let’s go Brandon. They’re mad because you’re having fun despite your party being out of office when they spent four years being constantly angry and joyless. they’re mad because you’re having fun.”

How true is that?


The best way we can really stick it to these communists is by battling them with a cheerful heart when possible.

Drives them nuts.

The thing I like most about LGB is that it’s not only a slam against Biden, but it’s also a direct hit against our fake news media.

It does two amazing things in one.

And it really is driving liberals bonkers… it’s pretty ironic because the group of people who used every vulgar and disgusting trick in the book to “resist” President Trump is suddenly “offended” by “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Ha ha ha!

But you can’t help but wonder if the “FJB” and “LGB” are just some random thing that people online know about. I mean, we all know that the media won’t cover it, and Biden’s White House pretends like it doesn’t exist.

I’ve often wondered how truly far-reaching this phenomenon is and if it’s penetrated into “normal America,” not just existing in circles with political junkies like me and you.

And I am happy to report that today I found out the answer to that question, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It turns out that the majority of the American people not only know all about the FJB and LGB chants, but they love them and think they’re appropriate, too.

“Big: Robert Cahaly surveyed U.S. likely voters about awareness & propriety of “Let’s Go Brandon!” Given almost 100% suppression of this topic by the American legacy media, the results are very significant. Story suppression was their last strength. No more

Ahh, and that’s the “bad news” for Dems, isn’t it?

They’re not suppressing the info anymore – it’s leaking out, and that’s the last thing control freaks want to see happen.



Here are the findings more up close and personal for you to see:

And speaking of our good buddy “Brandon,” did you happen to catch President Trump having a chuckle when a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant started at the World Series game he attended?


Again, it’s good to see so many of us keeping up our good spirits and fighting this demonic mess with a joyful heart – especially President Trump.

I know it can’t always be that way – some stuff is just too deep and serious, and it needs our solemn focus, and that’s okay.

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But when we can laugh and enjoy ourselves, let’s do it. We need to keep as sane as possible as we muck through this mess together.

And don’t forget…

clap, clap, clap, clap, clap LET’S GO BRANDON! clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used with permission.

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