President Joe Biden might not be popular when it comes to voters, but the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant has taken the world by storm. Not only has the chant been heard at college football games and NASCAR events but people around the world have started to sing the catchy phrase. Not to mention, rapper Loza Alexander dominated the Apple Music Hip Hop and Rap chart throughout the weekend with his “Let’s Go Brandon” song. Soaring to number one, the slogan even created a Tik Tok trend, but apparently, the memes, songs, and chants are hurting President Biden’s feelings as Tik Tok is threatening to ban the trend over “bullying”. 



Although the Tik Tok trend has gained over 500,000 likes in a matter of days, the social media company believes the “Let’s Go Brandon” songs are crossing the line. Alexander tweeted a message and picture of how Tik Tok was trying to silence the video. “ATTENTION news reporters! Tik Tok has threatened to remove my #letsgobrandon viral video that is approaching the number one spot on iTunes top us hip hop records! Tik Tok is claiming that I’m bullying? But how???”

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According to Tik Tok, the song is currently being investigated for a “content violation”. The company went on to say the video contains “harassment and bullying”. In short, Tik Tok believes the “Let’s Go Brandon” viral hit is targeting President Biden and therefore deems it to be offensive and bullying. 

It should be noted that Tik Tok trying to censor any negative content about President Biden sounds a lot like how the Communist Chinese government will censor any critical content of President Xi Jinping. 

So while Tik Tok debates on whether they should censor the video or not, here are just some of the latest and greatest compilations of the “Let’s Go Brandon” craze. While it might be coming to an end on social media, there is no doubt it will continue to be heard throughout America and the world.