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“Let’s Go Brandon” Is The New American Dream, Tucker Hilariously Explains [VIDEO]

Knowing they put all their eggs in one basket, the Democrats and their loyal liberal media can’t admit that President Joe Biden isn’t right for America. Put aside whatever personal feelings you may have and look at the facts. The economy is struggling, the Southern border is non-existent, the withdrawal in Afghanistan was a disaster, and now due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate – airline pilots are on the verge of striking. And all of this has happened in only ten months. But still, the liberal media continue to do whatever it takes to present Biden as the hero America needs. Just take the famous “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that has swept the nation. 


For those who might not know, Brandon Brown won his first NASCAR race at the famous Talladega Superspeedway at the beginning of October. While being interviewed by NBC reporter Kelli Stavast, the crowd started chanting the popular “F**K Joe Biden.” But given NBC’s affiliation with the Democrats, Stavast suggested they were saying “Let’s Go Brandon.” And like that, the internet exploded. 

In the video below, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson gives a fiery monologue about the current state of the media in America. He even points out the control and power the Democrats are desperately trying to grab as news outlets like CNN continue to praise Biden for his so-called amazing job. 


As for Brandon, Carlson has an interesting theory behind the name and shows how this Brandon is the ideal person for the new Democratic America. “But who is Brandon, you ask? Well, just another happy American who is grateful for the wise leadership of his benevolent president. In fact, Brandon is a newly arrived American part of what we call the Biden generation. He’s an undocumented trans Haitian migrant now enrolled thanks to a Pell Grant as a film studies major at NYU, as well as a part-time non-binary rights activist and puppeteer. Brandon is the embodiment of the new American dream, where everything’s free, but everyone is still angry. Just this month, thanks to Joe Biden. Brandon got his fourth COVID shot. That means he’s an incredibly good person, far better than you are. And the crowd is simply celebrating that as grateful people spontaneously do. Let’s go, Brandon. Let’s get a fifth shot. Let’s go, Brandon.”

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