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Liberal Media Outraged Over “Let’s Go Brandon”, Was Fine With Calling Tea Party “Teabaggers” During Obama Years

While many internet influencers spend years trying to go viral, President Joe Biden was able to do it in less than two months with his hit “Let’s Go Brandon” and the classic “F**K Joe Biden!” Not only did the President go viral, but pretty much every person around the world has either heard the chant or participated in it. And although the White House claims to have no knowledge about it, Big Tech is trying to silence the videos due to “bullying.” The Washington Post’s Paul Waldman even wrote an article about it entitled “The Party of Thugs.” But it seems the left has forgotten about President Obama and the “teabaggers.” 


On Saturday, Waldman wrote about how the Republican party has become nothing but a group of thugs seeking to destroy President Biden. It does sound incredibly familiar to how they acted when former President Donald Trump was in office. Still, Waldman wrote the following, “Conservatives have now turned “Let’s go Brandon” into a meme, something they can repeat with a giggle in contexts where swearing is still considered inappropriate. While people may be painting signs and leading chants of “F— Joe Biden” (or “Let’s go Brandon”), Biden himself is almost incidental. This is a means for conservatives to communicate with one another, and what’s being communicated more than anything else is “I take pleasure in flouting norms of polite behavior.”

Waldman added, “They create a phony “issue” such as critical race theory, work to get people as enraged as possible, then when that rage erupts in threats and intimidation of school personnel and board members, they defend it and celebrate its potential to yield them political benefits.”

Although the left might act superior, the left and Democrats identified the Tea Party as the teabaggers during the Obama administration. For those who might not know, teabagging refers to a “sexual act involving part of the male genitalia and a second person’s face or mouth.”


At the time, the media thought it was hilarious. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper joked, “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.” they even promoted headlines like, “Teabagging day for the right-wing, and they are going nuts for it.”

But Rachel Maddow takes the crown as she and guest Ana Marie Cox used the word teabagger more than 50 times in less than 7 minutes. But remember, the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is just too much.