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MAJOR Companies Now Worried About Vax Mandate Backlash, Meet With White House [VIDEO]

The only way the Biden administration could have gotten the vaccine mandate to work was by getting all the major companies in America to go along.

At first, they appeared to agree with President Joe Biden, but after the blackouts, walkouts, and strikes, companies are getting a glimpse of the power behind one of the greatest workforces in the world.


While Americans might struggle to raise the minimum wage, they will not be subject to testing a vaccine that many health experts don’t even know the full range of side effects.

With the workers standing up and unions backing them, companies like Southwest, Delta, and In-N-Out Burger have already taken a stand against the vaccine. And while that is a step in the right direction, it is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Below, John Bachman of Newsmax discusses the current vaccine mandate when he lists off the companies that have already opposed any mandatory vaccine mandate.

But what most might not know is that companies like UPS and Disney have also been in talks with the White House about moving forward with the mandate.

While the liberal media continues to push a narrative that the unvaccinated are a select few, the people who make the economy run and keep the American dream alive aren’t about to let President Joe Biden steal what little freedoms they have left. 

The UPS & Disney portion starts at the 5-minute mark, but the entire video below is worth checking out.

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