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Maricopa County Deputy on Life Support Following Attack by Suspect Being Processed for Warrants

PHOENIX, AZ – A Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy was assaulted and gravely injured [1] Saturday and is currently on life support from the attack.

The unnamed deputy has been with the department for three years. He was reportedly found unconscious and bleeding from the face by other deputies.

The suspect, 30-year-old Clinton Robert Hurley, was shot in an unrelated incident after the attack and now sits in the hospital in critical condition.


The deputy was reportedly processing Hurley for multiple felony warrants at a substation in Avondale when the suspect attacked him. Hurley fled in the deputy’s SUV, crashing through a fence as he escaped.

Shortly after [3], he carjacked another vehicle later and drove to Tonopah.

A manhunt ensued for Hurley starting around 11:00 am on Saturday.

Police said that Hurley got into an argument with a homeowner there, and the two exchanged gunfire. At some point, Hurley was shot. Reportedly, Hurley had a “history of conflict” with the homeowner, but no further details were given.

Hurley was released from prison [7] in December after being convicted of a sex crime against a child. He served [8] six years in prison.


“During a time when men and women in law enforcement face scrutiny, sometimes demonization, or expected to be perfect and underappreciated,” ¬†Sheriff Penzone said, “but a scumbag piece of shit out of the Department of Corrections can put him on life support when he comes to work every day in uniform to keep this community safe.

“So now the question is, what is this community willing to do to make sure that this suspect goes back to prison or somewhere else for the actions against this deputy? Because this is not a singular issue.”