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Marine Blasts Military Vaccine Mandate’s, Most Recent Info In Just 60 Seconds

Some men will not compromise on their principles.

They will not bend, and they will not break.


This Marine appears to be one of them.


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“In these next 60 seconds, I’m going to blast through all of the most recent information available regarding the Marine Corp’s current mandate. This video doesn’t apply to anybody who’s going to get the treatment. So I’m going to just roll straight into the available exemption. There are two available exemptions. There’s both the medical exemption and the religious exemption, both of which you can apply for. The problem is if it doesn’t get approved, you’re going to be ordered to get the treatment again, and then if you refuse after having had your exemption denied, you’re going to be treated just like any other refusal would. Everyone who refuses to get this treatment will be subject to a general court-martial convening authority in which they will determine your fate. A general court-martial is the highest tier of military justice that can be administered, and they have the authority to issue up to a death sentence to anybody whose case comes to a general court-martial. So whoever ends up presiding over my case, as I have blatantly refused to get this treatment because it’s wrong. Just know I will happily die before I have this injected into my body.” – Principled Marine


More and more people are standing up to this medical tyranny.

Many support the ones who do.

Here’s just a few comments on what the people are saying about this…

“Semper Fi Marine”

“For a military man to even have to say this is unbelievable. What has our country come to? Justice is coming, and heads will roll. This will not stand.”

“More military personnel need to stand up. Why is it that so few are standing up? Seriously SEALs are up in arms. The guys I still know in the community in the Army are also up on arms about this, and they won’t stand up and say anything. Stand up for our constitution and country SERIOUSLY We swore an Oath we need to stand up for it.”

“Praying for all our brothers and sisters in arms! Refuse!!”

“I’m claiming the 1st amendment exemption from the injections, and if that is ever denied, I’ll claim the 2nd amendment exemption.”

“You are not alone, Brother.”

“I applaud him for standing up to tyranny!!”

“Possible death sentence if you take it, a possible death sentence if you don’t.”

“It’s not even an executive order…so technically, there’s no order to break!!!! Everyone is being dupped by the Media and a lier in chief!”

“This all boils down to would you rather live with the NAZIs or die in the Camp? Make your choice of which side of history you want to be on.”

“He must have Viking pure blood in him. I will die too before taking the poison.”

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