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Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota might have been the most distinguished name in American medicine, perhaps world medicine. But just like so many other health authorities, they’ve annihilated their credibility in their response to this pandemic. We’ve told you all about it on this program. There’s Mayo clinic doctor Courtney Bennett, whose advice to unvaccinated people who get sick is “please go die.” There’s general surgeon Mark Sawyer from the same hospital, who posts his sexual fantasies on Facebook about getting to deny sick people health care, and stares into their eyes as they die, saying “it’s too late.”

Then there’s Mayo Clinic CEO Gianrico Farrugia, who also sits as a health governor for the World Economic Forum, which produces propaganda for international vaccine passports. And just to make things even weirder, there’s the Clinic’s head of security, Matthew Horace, whose other job is as chief of security for Dominion Voting Systems.

But not everyone at the Mayo Clinic is bad. Or at least, until this week, there were good people there too. People like Kalley Newkirk. Kalley was an administrative assistant at the Mayo Clinic, but on Tuesday she sent an email announcing her resignation. It’s an incredible email, which is sadly too long for me to read all of right here. But I want to read the important parts.

“I am one, of many, who is resigning from Mayo Clinic, due to the recent email sent to Mayo Clinic Staff and contractors, indicating mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. I believe in freedom of choosing whether or not I or others feel the need to be vaccinated or not. I saw now that pregnancy is no longer considered an exemption; which I find absolutely ridiculous, and I want to share my story, findings, and opinions, in hopes that you, the largest voices of this institution, will stand up for those that are afraid to.

I, along with many others, have experienced repercussions following the first dose of the vaccine series. I was hospitalized for 10 days, a week [after] my first vaccine. [I] had symptoms I have never in my life experienced, prior to being vaccinated, and in a matter of months, I experienced two miscarriages. I am not being allowed an exemption. I had one written, but being that it is for “pregnancy” it isn’t valid. I refuse to be vaccinated until I am done having kids/breastfeeding, due to what I went through following the first vaccine.

I am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I have every other vaccine under the sun! I believe in science. I believe in research. But what I don’t believe in is politics getting involved in personal health choices. … This institution is falling victim to communism. The Mayo brothers believed that politics was to STAY OUT of Mayo Clinic; we were always told to remain neutral. Now, we are folding to communist executive orders and not standing up with our own voice and research? Why? … Mayo will soon be (really, already is) short on nursing staff and other healthcare workers, due to their own decision to move forward with mandates and taking away our freedom as Americans.

You can claim this decision is for the “needs of the patient comes first” but if that was the case, why are their needs not being met? … Why do I hear of cases where patients are getting their food taken away by nurses, because they took their oxygen mask off…TO EAT. … Providing quality care to every patient isn’t happening because many nurses/physicians are becoming biased; believing that only the vaccinated are worthy to be treated here.

… I know I am not alone. I am in a private chat with about 700 employees ready to quit or be fired. Many of us meet weekly to discuss how to combat this problem and start our own healthcare. I can’t imagine how many additional folks, across the Enterprise, are staying quiet, but will come through in the following months, ready to leave.

Thanks for taking the time to read this (if you do). I hope for a response, but don’t expect one, because I really don’t think you care. It’s all about money now.”

Really an incredible letter. Well-written, well-informed, unquestionably brave. As soon as we saw it we knew we had to have Kalley on. She joined the show to discuss.

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