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Here’s a state you haven’t heard much about at all since the Covid pandemic began — Hawaii. And that’s because Covid practically destroyed ordinary life in that state. It’s a state enormously dependent on tourism, but essentially all travel there was shut down for a year. Bars were shut down in July 2020, and not allowed to reopen, at all, for almost eight months. Residents were hit with a month-long stay-at-home order. The authorities initially promised to roll back restrictions if enough people got the jab, but once they did and there were still plenty of cases, they broke their promise and decided to keep oppressing the state’s population through at least the end of the year, and you already know it will be longer.

So the people of Hawaii are pushing back. We’ve been told by people on the ground there that citizens are ignoring vaccine mandates. They’re holding big events and rallies in direct defiance of state restrictions on gathering sizes. The state, meanwhile, is trying to quash this uprising with fines and arrests. The media is totally ignoring all of this, so we thought we’d expose the truth about what’s really happening because that’s what journalists are supposed to do. Paul Romero is a Veteran Critical Care/Emergency Medicine Specialist and a professional athlete turned health advocate. Romero is the owner and operator of Hawaii’s only completely integrative wellness and fitness open-air facility, and he says he has never believed in or complied with any mandate from day 1 and he joined the shot to discuss.

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