The former Fox News host Megyn Kelly dropped a truly disturbing bomb this week when she revealed that her sons’ school promoted puberty blockers to third graders.

While speaking to guest Ramona Bessinger on her podcast, Kelly said that her sons were told that they could “take a pill to prevent puberty” so they can later have genitals “chopped off.”


“Okay, so they unleashed a three-week experimental transgender education program on our boys,” Kelly revealed.

“One of our fellow parents, a man, raised his hand and said ‘Why did my son come home,’ these are third graders eight and 9-year-olds, ‘Why did my son come home and asks if it’s true that he can take a pill to prevent puberty and then when he turns 18 he can have his penis chopped off if he wants to become a woman?'” Kelly said. “There are things that are inappropriate to discuss with children, certainly third graders as it was in our case, and teenagers down the line for all sorts of reasons.”

“It is wrong, it is very wrong, because kids glom onto various identities, especially at that middle school level,” Bessinger replied in agreement. “So they are going to try different hats on at that age. They may try purple hair and different funny things.”

Kelly went on to express her fury at this curriculum being inflicted on her boys.

“Can you believe this BS?” Kelly said. “Don’t talk to my kid about sex toys. About how to become the other sex.”

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In an interview with Bill Maher earlier this year, Kelly revealed that she decided to pull her sons from this school following the three-week trans-education program. She explained that the school “went hard left, and then they started to take a really hard turn toward social justice stuff.”

“At our boy’s school in particular when our son as in the third grade, they unleashed a three week, experimental trans education program, on these eight and nine-year-old boys,” Kelly said, according to The Sun. “And it wasn’t about support. We felt it was more like they were trying to convince them ‘come on over, and the boys started to get confused.”

“We objected, and so did a lot of other parents to the point where the school had to apologize for that one, which they very rarely did,” she added.

Kelly also said that one of her sons, who is in kindergarten, told her “to write a letter to the Cleveland Indians objecting to their mascot.”


“He’s six. Can he learn how to spell Cleveland before we activate him?” she lamented. “If he’s going to be activated, Doug and I should do it, not a kindergarten teacher.”

This kind of indoctrination of our children is happening all over America. If something isn’t done to stop it soon, the next generation of America is truly doomed.

You can watch the full video below.