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The U.S. military says it needs universal vaccination to protect force “readiness.” has a grand plan to purge everybody who doesn’t get a vaccine, and that means purging every doctor in the military who isn’t fully on board with that plan.

It means purging professionals like physician and Major Samual Sigoloff. Doctor Sigoloff has been issuing medical exemptions from the vaccines for the soldiers in his care. The leadership didn’t like that much, so on September 9 they revoked all of his medical exemptions and banned him from prescribing ivermectin as a treatment, even though the drug is covered by TriCare. They’ve also suspended Sigoloff so that he can’t see or treat any more patients. Even now, they’re threatening him and demanding he turn over a list of every soldier he ever gave a medical exemption to.

Doctor Sigoloff joined the show to discuss. Need to reach Dr. Sigoloff? Email him here.

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