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Two weeks ago, fake Republican Vernon Jones fled this program when we confronted him with his long history of racist anti-white behavior when given power, along with his predatory and promiscuous sexual behavior. Now, Vernon Jones is parading around complaining that we “lied” about him. He’s shrieking that we engaged in “bigotry” against him. He called our interview with him a “cut-and-paste” hack job. He thinks he can still trick Georgia conservatives into making a former Democrat their governor by posing as some newborn America-firster

Well, it’s time to own up. Our interview with Jones really was a “cut and paste” job, because all we had to do to expose Vernon Jones was cut and paste his own statements from his court case a decade ago.

We aren’t the ones who said that Vernon Jones took over DeKalb County, Georgia, and promised to bring about a “darker administration” by pushing out white people and only hiring blacks. Jones himself said that.

Here are some more details, all taken from Bryant v. Jones, the federal court case that allowed the lawsuit against Jones to go to trial. As a refresher, this case was a successful discrimination lawsuit brought against Jones over his tenure as CEO of DeKalb County, Georgia.

The court held that Vernon Jones treated his parks director, Beckey Kelley, in an overwhelmingly hostile manner. At one in-person meeting, he screamed at her so harshly she feared he was going to physically attack her. Jones banned Kelley from speaking to the press or members of the county commission. He banned her from interviewing prospective employees unless his handpicked man was there as well. Eventually, Kelley was expressly ordered to hire an unqualified black woman for a parks job over a more qualified white male. One of Jones’s underlings testified that he demanded this woman be hired without calling any of her references or even looking at her resume. She was just brought in for having the right skin color and to be Jones’ flunky. Once that unqualified black person was hired, despite that person being Kelley’s subordinate, Jones would only work with that person and cut Kelley out of the decision-making process. Finally, Jones just reassigned her to a new job entirely and, to humiliate her further, tried to move her to a windowless office previously used as a storage area. None of these are just allegations. This is what a federal court found in its ruling.

The federal court also found that Jones once described another white manager, Michael Bryant, as a, quote, “white bastard who’s nothing more than a racist and needs to go.” The court found that Jones tried to have a black employee of the parks department dig up dirt on white employees so Jones could push them out. When that black employee didn’t play along, Jones said he wasn’t being a “team player” and conspired to push him out too.

The court ruled, explicitly, that, quote, “The evidence showed compellingly that Jones, as the CEO, was the architect of a racially discriminatory scheme, a scheme that was designed to produce overt discrimination” against white people.

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That’s what Jones did. When his case finally went to a proper jury trial, a judge was so appalled by his conduct that he announced he would throw the verdict out if the jury failed to find him responsible.

We want to be clear: Vernon Jones is a liar, and he thinks he can lie right to everyone’s face and get away with it, and use it to become more powerful than ever. He’s wrong. We’re on to him, and we’re going to make sure everybody knows exactly what kind of racist slimeball is trying to trick Georgia Republicans with a fake MAGA candidacy.

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