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MSNBC Airs Human Smugglers Bragging On CCP Social Media About Illegally Crossing U.S. Border [VIDEO]

The Biden Regime: There is no border crisis.

Also The Biden Regime: The border crisis is Trump’s fault.


MSNBC: Let’s show off some human smuggler’s social media content, claiming they’re helping migrants reach the American Dream.

Also MSNBC: America is systemically racist.


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“To the beat of migrant-inspired ballads, Tik Tok videos show groups as they walk through marshes single file while crossing the river, or hiding among bushes. Behind the camera is a coyote, a human smuggler, documenting their trafficking operations in order to promote them on social media. Some posts advertise their prices, which vary depending on the final destination. Others show off their profits with wads of cash. The videos reveal some of their methods. After stashing them in safe houses, the migrants are transferred to vans and hidden under blankets. Other footage shows them cramped in the back seats. In this video, the coyote points the camera toward the window. They pass right by border patrol vehicles without being caught. Finally, shirtless and disoriented, migrants come out of the van one after the other. Customs and Border Protection assures it is aware of the use of social media by transnational criminal organizations as a means to lure migrants to cross the border and works to combat their activities. But the proliferation of videos like these, where they are seen running from authorities, exposes how they avoid getting caught. What social media doesn’t show are the journeys that end in tragedy. Migrants missing or dead in the attempt to reach the American dream.” – MSNBC Narrator


So again, can anyone explain to me how any of these people make any sense?

The Left loves to talk out of both sides of their mouths.