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Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate, and the House for the first two years of President Trump’s term. The problems facing this country at the time weren’t mysterious or incomprehensible. They were obvious, and other than coronavirus, they’re the same problems facing the country now: Open-ended foreign policy quagmires, an immigration system that offers an open door for the world’s helpless, Silicon Valley tech censorship, woke maniacs dominating our schools and universities and corporations, you know the drill.

Republicans were given two years to act. And what did they deliver? Shockingly little. We got a tax cut that mostly helped corporations like Apple. We got a bill letting a lot of drug dealers out of prison. And that’s about it. When President Trump wanted to get out of Afghanistan and Syria, Congress got in the way. When he wanted to fix immigration, they did nothing.

You probably weren’t even surprised. A do-nothing Congress filled with do-nothing Republicans. It’s like a fact of nature at this point, and it’s going to stay that way unless we categorically demand a purge of this party’s fossils and frauds and traitors and install men and women of action who will actually deliver.

At this show, we are very confident and hopeful that Joe Kent can be one of those people. He’s challenging impeachment supporter Jaime Herrera Beutler for her House seat out in Washington. Why are we hopeful that Kent will be the man? It’s not just that he says the right things: Investigate 2020, stop future election fraud, put troops on the border, end the forever wars, and so on. We’ve had plenty of all-talk no-beef Republicans. But we’re optimistic about Kent because his personal stake in this is real. Kent is a 20-year veteran of the armed forces. His wife, the mother of their two children, served as well. But she was killed by a suicide bomb in Syria, in one of those endless interventions that clueless, unaccountable idiots in Washington love starting so they can pretend for a few blissful moments that they have a dick. These same maniacs want us to go to war with Iran. They want to restart the war in Afghanistan. Give them enough time and they’ll have us at war with Russia and China too, maybe at the same time.

And they might get away with all of it unless we can elect people like Joe Kent to Congress. The Deep State knows the risk is real, so of course, they’re panicking. YouTube tried to permanently ban him just the other day, before walking it back under pressure. Don’t be surprised when they try again, or when they try booting him off Twitter and everything else.

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Joe Kent joined “The Stew Peters Show” for a 1-on-1 with Stew.

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