January 6th was a horrible day for Americans, according to the Democrats. Instead of a day of democracy, a horde of political radicals sought to destroy America with nothing but their MAGA flags. Again, this is how the Democrats recall the events of the Capitol Hill riot.

Unless you ask AOC, then she felt as if her very life was in danger as she could hear people right down the hall even though she was in an entirely different building. Nonetheless, what followed the riot was a witch hunt as over 600 people have been arrested for their involvement at Capitol Hill.


But while the Democrats want to pretend like that day was an act of terrorism or the start of another civil war, numerous videos have surfaced, painting an entirely different picture of what happened that day. 

In the video below, protesters are shown not storming the capitol, not punching officers in the faces, or tossing them to the ground. Instead, the video shows the protesters quietly and respectively walking into the building, taking pictures and videos while they do. But remember, these radicals were armed and dangerous.

The only armed and dangerous person that day was officer Michael Byrd, who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt for nothing more than climbing through a window. 



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It should also be mentioned that while protesters of the Capitol Hill riot are convicted and sentenced to prison time, Black Lives Matter members, who caused millions in damages and looting, walk free because they were just voicing their anger and frustration with the system.