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Navy SEALS to be FINED Millions if Unvaccinated?

A new directive was issued on Thursday that forces Navy SEALs to pay back all the money the military spent training them if they refuse to get the Covid-19 vaccine. On Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Lt. Col. U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Michael Berry appeared on the show to expose this ridiculously absurd policy that is attacking those who have served our country. Lt. Col. Michael Berry serves as counsel for the First Liberty Institute.


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“Purging our military of its elite servicemembers is detrimental to national security. Doing so because the Commander in Chief refuses to accommodate their religious convictions is abhorrent to the Constitution. Their years of experience and leadership in service to our nation is immeasurable and irreplaceable. Remove a SEAL from special warfare, reduce his salary, and force him to repay his training is purely vindictive and punitive. And it’s illegal. They have nothing to do with a virus,” – Lt. Col. Michael Berry.

The directive came from the Navy’s COVID Consolidated Disposition Authority. The CCDA announced that the military “may seek recoupment of applicable bonuses, special and incentive pays, and the cost of training and education for service members refusing the vaccine.”


Lt. Col. Berry blames Biden for his campaign to push the vaccine into every aspect of our society. With the new proposed vaccine mandate going into effect, millions of Americans are being coerced into choosing between the jab or their job.

“SEALs have invested their lives into serving this nation, dedicating years of their lives and millions of taxpayer dollars in training to be the most elite fighting force on the face of the earth. Yet, the Commander in Chief would simply kick them out of the Navy, send them to jail, and force them to repay the nation for their training—all for simply declining a vaccine,” – Lt. Col. Michael Berry

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In general, the military has been relentless in pushing the vaccine on troops. Denying most religious and medical exemptions and even using bullying tactics to force troops into getting the jab. Our military has been willing to sacrifice so much to serve our country, and to think that this is how we repay them is appalling. Forcing them to get a vaccine that can cause harmful side effects is not how you thank them for your service.

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