There is only one way to fight COVID-19, according to the White House, Democrats, and Dr. Anthony Fauci. It apparently doesn’t matter that the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t stop the spread of the virus or the vaccinated people from getting it. President Joe Biden is so sure of the vaccine he is currently trying to mandate it. While the left continues to disregard facts and science, a new study from George Washington University revealed one medicine could not only protect the lungs from COVID-19 but also lower the risk of patients needing ventilation. And guess what – it’s the common over-the-counter drug, aspirin. 

Investigating over 400 COVID patients from numerous hospitals in the United States, the team of researchers found that those who took aspirin, even when it wasn’t related to COVID-19, reduced their risk of ventilation by 44%. It also lowered their rate of ICU admission by 43%. And what about hospital mortality? That also saw a decrease of 47%. 

Discussing the findings, Dr. Jonathan Chow said, “As we learned about the connection between blood clots and COVID-19, we knew that aspirin – used to prevent stroke and heart attack – could be important for COVID-19 patients. Our research found an association between low-dose aspirin and decreased severity of COVID-19 and death.”

While COVID-19 is known to attack the respiratory system, the virus has also been known to cause small blood vessel clotting. This has led to patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). It just so happens that low-dose aspirin is given to patients to help fight – blood clotting and strokes.  

“Aspirin is low cost, easily accessible, and millions are already using it to treat their health conditions.” Chow added, “Finding this association is a huge win for those looking to reduce risk from some of the most devastating effects of COVID-19.”

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Although the study shows promising effects using aspirin, medical professionals and researchers strongly advise patients to converse with their doctor before starting any treatment.