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NJ’s Democrat Governor Caught Maskless At Indoor Ball After Forcing Students To Mask Up

Yet another Democrat leader has been caught breaking his own COVID-19 rules, as New Jersey’s leftwing Governor Phil Murphy was spotted maskless at an indoor ball.

Fox News [1] reported that on Friday night, Murphy attended the Equality Ball on Friday that was put on by the nonprofit Garden State Equality at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, a part of the Monmouth County that has the highest risk of COVID-19 transmission, according [2]to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Despite this, Murphy and the other attendees were seen at the event without masks.



State Senator Holly Schepisi (R) said afterwards that this party full of maskless people “is this type of hypocrisy that is driving people in New Jersey insane.”

“At the very same time that this Governor issued another EO mandating two-year-olds wear masks for upwards of 7 hours a day because of purported ‘safety,’ the New Jersey political democratic elite gathered maskless by the thousands at multiple indoor events throughout the State, including in “high-risk” Asbury Park, Bergen and Hudson Counties,” Schepisi said.

“The people of New Jersey are being told by this administration that they must comply, don’t ask questions or get labeled a knucklehead or worse while those demanding compliance flout the very policies they push,” she added. “It is wrong.”

State Senator Michael Testa (R) agreed that the maskless event is “another example of Murphy’s hypocrisy as he continues to force pointless pandemic mandates on regular New Jerseyans that he and other elite Democrats cavalierly ignore when they think nobody is watching.”

“We can imagine King Murphy saying to the laughter of his court, ‘Let them wear masks,'” he continued.

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Murphy has highly recommended the use of masks “for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in indoor settings where there is increased risk.” He’s also called for masks for people who don’t know the people’s vaccination status if they are traveling or in a tightly packed space.

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“I’m not talking about having dinner with your husband or wife at your table,” Murphy said back in September [14]. “I’m talking about being packed in on each other, and you’re not confident that you know the vaccination status of the people that you’re around.”

Murphy also recently issued an executive order mandating masks for children, including toddlers as young as two years old [15]. Clearly, like many other Democrat leaders across the country, Murphy sees himself as being above his own rules.

“Rules for thee, but not for me” indeed.