Peter Navarro is a renowned economist who was a longtime Democrat before former President Donald Trump won him over with his message on trade. During Trump’s presidency, Navarro served in his administration in a variety of different roles, and he soon became one of his top advisors.

Navarro sat down with our very own Stew Peters today to promote his new book “In Trump Time: My Journal of America’s Plague Year,” which is due out in November, and he had quite a lot to say about last year’s election.


“I am a Trump Republican. We stand for secure borders and fair trade and peace in the world. Without endless wars,” Navarro said, going on to say that in his book, he described the true events of the past year “in Trump time,” revealing what really went down without any kind of media spin.

Peters then shifted to talking about the 2020 election, which is obviously a major topic that is covered in Navarro’s book. When the election came up, Navarro did not mince any words in saying what he feels needs to happen to rectify what occurred.

“What we need is full forensic audits as quickly as possible, and to decertify that election and put Trump back in the White House,” he said.


Navarro is so convinced that the 2020 election needs to be overturned that he has advised Trump not to move on to 2024 just yet, saying that he told the former president that “you need to stay focused on overturning this election. In some sense, if you start running for 2024, you give away the idea that this election was stolen, right?”

Navarro went on to explain that Democrats weren’t the only ones that Trump had to contend with working against him during his campaign, as RINO Republicans had it out for him as well. He even claimed that “the Trump campaign itself had people who were working against the president.”

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Navarro stated that he devoted one chapter of his book to “what happened on Air Force One on Election Night,” and it exposes “some of the people inside the Trump campaign who were working across purposes” to take down the “greatest president in modern history.”

“Absolutely,” Peters said in agreement. “The greatest president in modern history.”

Navarro concluded the interview by urging people to buy his book so that we can “get the truth out because unless we support books like this, we’re not going to be able to overcome the propaganda of the left.”


You can preorder Navarro’s book here on Amazon. To find out more about his thoughts on the 2020 election, check out his full interview with Peters here.