With the FDA approving the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11, the Biden administration is already ramping up programs that will ultimately make it mandatory for children to take the vaccine.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has already implemented a vaccine mandate for all children attending school in the state.


But although the vaccine has been approved, not much evidence has been released showing the inherent side effects or just overall symptoms of the vaccine. According to the video below, the reason isn’t that the FDA is trying to trick or confuse Americans, but because they honestly didn’t do the studies to find out. 

The Democrats might be quick to release COVID-19 videos showing kids playing, parents laughing, and the elderly still alive. Still, as mentioned above – the videos might as well be propaganda as both the Biden administration, FDA, and vaccine makers, Pfizer, aren’t sure how children would react to the vaccine. 

Speaking on the matter, Tucker Carlson of Fox News recently broke down the vaccine and how Pfizer announced that they would be holding studies of the vaccine after it was approved for children. But remember, the whole point of the vaccine mandate was to keep children safe, but as you can watch below, Carlson points out that most children are more susceptible to getting common illnesses than COVID-19. 

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