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Pfizer Employee Whistleblower: The Vials GLOW, “Conspiracies” are TRUE

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If you watch any of the “mainstream” news outlets, you may have heard a lot about a certain “whistleblower” on Facebook. Recently. Her name is Frances Haugen, and she’s basically the fakest whistleblower ever. First off, she has a massive legal and PR team surrounding her, literally paid for by the billionaire who founded eBay. How many real whistleblowers have operations like that? Real whistleblowers are a threat to powerful people, and it shows. Edward Snowden had to flee the country. Julian Assange spent years stuck in an embassy. That’s what happens to real whistleblowers.

This fake Facebook whistleblower literally got invited back to Facebook to speak to employees there. She’s a celebrity and she’s cashing in by advocating for more tech censorship and more restrictions on speech. That’s what you can get when you’re a fake whistleblower.

Real whistleblowing is dangerous. Melissa McAtee is a whistleblower at Pfizer. She leaked emails about vaccine fetal stem cell lines to Project Veritas. Because she’s a real whistleblower, she lost her job at Pfizer and they aren’t inviting her to speak any time soon. But this show is different. Melissa McAtee joins us.

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