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Pfizer Whistleblower Claims Vaccines Glow, Contains Graphene Oxide Or Luciferase, It’s ALL An Experiment

A former employee of Pfizer, Melissa Strickler, used to be a quality inspector for the company for ten years. Now she’s blowing the whistle and claiming their COVID ‘vaccine’ has toxic ingredients that make it glow.

She says these ingredients are NOT listed on the products label.



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Melissa Strickler: The vaccine glows, at least Pfizer’s does, and the only components that I know that can do that are SM-102, which is called Luciferase, and Graphene Oxide, and they claim both of those aren’t in there.

Jim Hale: Wow, so when you say it glows, tell us what do you mean when you say it glows?

Melissa Strickler: Well, it looks like someone took a blue glow stick, cracked it open, and poured it in the vial, but it only glows if there’s light and if it’s around a dark surrounding, like a dark background or a dark table.


At another point in the interview, Strickler talks about the entire thing being experimental.


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“I thought all this stuff was conspiracy theories and then I watched a doctor say that they use codes in their stuff, you know, and I took notes of those codes and I found out SM-102 is Luciferase and when I messaged them, my company, I emailed them and I said, Hey is Luciferase in the vaccine? And they responded with the vaccine isn’t or the Luciferase isn’t the true testing of the vaccine but won’t be included in the final vaccine. But the way I see this is this whole thing is experimental. We haven’t even seen the Comirnaty. I don’t even know how to say it. We have not even seen those labels getting put on the vials on that plant yet. So, as far as I know, everyone is still receiving that emergency use authorization, and it’s experimental. It is a test. It is a massive test on the world. And I believe it’s a way for them to know who’s vaccinated because their blood will glow.” – Melissa Strickler

That’s just a few of the shocking statements this former Pfizer employee made in this stunning interview.

You can see it in its entirety below.

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